Making ElderWands...

The Goddess has given me 3 branches approiate to making wands. The first 3 members who choose an elder branch for a wand will be the lucky ones to receive them free of charge. I will of course consult with you on the making of the wands. PLEASE contact me with your choice of wand and I will make it for you and send it to you when finished. I have also added a picture of some Crystal/Stone points for you to choose from.




  • The one closest toward the pictures edge, towards me.
  • So Moon, the large one at the bottom of the pic? I will post some crystal points that have been charged under the February "Chaste" moon. You may also want to decide what Rune you would like to have carved on the handle. ect...

  • I think there is a point in the selection that would be perfect for you. But you choose the one you like best and we shall see if they are one and the same. All of these branches are quite long and I will of course cut it down to be a better fit for your comfort and ease in workings.

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