Generally speaking Faerys are not good at lending their energy to "love spells" as, for them, this is an alien emotion. However the Greek tipple faery, the Moerae, is an expert in matters of the heart.

Now, remember that when you do a love spell you must only ask for the right mate for you and NOT some specific person, who's heart may be committed elsewhere or who is just not interested. NEVER interfere anyone's "free will" It is a direct violation of the Wiccan Rede. It is perfectly alright to dwell on qualities of someone that you admire, or to ask for someone that you care about to notice you so you may at least have a chance with them. But never try to coerce anyone's feelings!

Simple matchmaking, finding the right person for you and bringing the two of you together, is the basic idea behind "love spells" Matchmaking is the forte of the Moerae. So any love spell should work nicely when invoking their help.

For this spell you will need several pictures of imaginary mates. Cut them from magazines or wherever you may find them, as you cut out try to picture something about them that attracts you. Maybe you like the eyes another may attract you because of a great smile or particularly pleasing physic. Be sure to give yourself several choices.

To petition the Moerae you will need 3 candles of the same color and size. Medium-sized taper candles of pink or blue are a good choice. Arrange the pictures you have cut out around the lit candles in a circle. Cast a circle in the manor you usually use. Now in your cast circle sit comfortably before the candles and stare gently into the flames. Concentrate on finding the perfect mate until you begin to feel drowsy. Then close your eyes and in your mind reach out across the universe and ask the Moerae to come to you.

After a short while you should feel their presence. It will a gentle, loving one, as if you had called upon a "Mother deity". When they arrive communicate with your mind and tell them what you seek in a mate. Feel free to describe the qualities of a person you think you would like. The Moerae may speak back to you with their collective mind and ask you questions which you should answer as honestly as you can. While doing this keep the pictures that you have cut out and have arranged around you. This will impress upon the Moerae the type of person you seek.

Continue to sit in silence with your eyes closed and wait for impressions to come to you. You may be told where to go to meet the person of your dreams, you may be shown one of the photos which represents someone you will meet soon and should keep an eye out for, or you may instinctively feel it is time to make a move to another town or, to make a love charm of some type. You may even have a dream later which may give you some pertinent information on your mate. (close circle in your usual manor)

Then, of course, you must wait. But this spell is a powerful and should eventually work for you. Be sure to bring it to mind at least once a day to keep the energy fresh.


Enjoy the love!

Priestess Maighread Birdsong