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Blessings all I'm checking in please add me to the Super Sunday Ritual 🌹 Oct 9th

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Psychic/Medium.. Helping as many people as I can before I leave this plane.. Writing ( Author) Reading.. Creative idea forums.. Life coaching.. Camping😀 Absorbing information on any topic " because we don't know everything so I say" let's learn from each other. Fundraising and so much more

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Oct 9th

We have started holding healing rituals on group chat in "Maighread's Mystic Garden" Facebook group

Please feel free to join or to send in names for weekly healing every Sunday at 4:00pm CST

Oct 9th
Blessings everyone I'm checking in for the Healing Ritual
Sep 25th
Blessings to you all' I wish you Happiness and Long Lasting Friendships. Recently my Balance has been challenged by people I've called my friends for over 30 years. I've learned' you can't always expect an apology even when you know one is due you! I've meditated on Balance to keep my elemental energy under control. I've decided to move forward with this universe and let those whom hurt me blame me and not take responsibility for their actions Go! I release them to our Universal Mother and Father. Blessed Be
Sep 23rd

What a lovely profile picture. 

Sep 18th

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